Sunday, November 11, 2007

What has happened to my weekends???

Well all I can say is that it is less stressful being at work!!
All we seem to do at the weekend is drive drive drive. It starts with taking Carl to work Saturday lunchtime,I arrived home for a short while and then Stuart arrived to try and fix mums computer.Tom took Beth to an audition for the Wizard of Oz. That dragged on so we ended up dropping her off at Laura's for the evening before heading off to a quiz night. Luckily Mum and Dad offered to get Carl from work at 9, so we collected Beth at 10 and headed home.
Today has been no better, Tom took Carl to work for 8am, came back and then it was shopping, now Beth wants to go over to see Hannah and Lee, which is an hour return journey. Carl needs collecting at 4.15 and then he has an interview at another pool which is closer to home,so I hope he gets it and I hope he cuts down on his hours so that he has a bit longer to study.
I want to do some scrapping but its impossible to fit it in..........

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