Friday, November 30, 2007

Remember our Engine Warning light problem??

Well today we took the car into our usual garage for them to look at along with the long list of problems that the Vauxhall Main dealer had identifed while trying to find the reason the engine management light went on. I still don't know why they took the wheels off when they were checking the engine !!! Anyway trusty old Malmack and Mannion took a look their verdict was nothing wrong with steering or brakes, in fact the pads were not even half worn and were perfectly safe. We have got a small oil leak which they think is coming from the areas that they would need to get to if they were changing the cam belt, so we are having that fixed next week and the cambelt done (due at 60,000 miles so a bit early but better safe than sorry as we know from bitter experience!!)The main dealer even pointed out that there was a bulb out on the numberplate. Malmacks replaced that and charged us absolutely ZERO.
So what will these repairs cost?? The thieving Vauxhall main dealers wanted a mere £1500 to get it 'back on the road' Malmacks on the other hand think that £400 would be more than enough.
I really think these garages take the Mick and ramp it up when a woman walks in. I will never go there again, I can't type the words on here about what a bunch of T.....s they are !!!
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Debbielou said...

Poor Ruby- hope it comes in still cheaper than that to sort her out xx