Sunday, November 25, 2007

We are sailing...

Today I took Mum and Dad to Southampton to board the Cunard QE2 Ship for a cruise around the Canary Islands. It was very exciting, very windy and very cold. We arrived around 1.30 after an uneventful journey down there. We drove into a huge departure hall and they were collected by two 'Mobility Assistants' who got them wheelchairs and took them into the departure lounge. We said BonVoyage and took a walk around to see if there were any good photography points, unfortunately the majority of the ship was hidden by the departure area so I only managed snippets of it. Beth and Hannah had a run around and between them managed to frighten a million pigeons that were snaffling up some spilt grain under a nearby silo.
On the way home we stopped off to see Shirl, had a nice cuppa and a chat and a cuddle, couldn't stay for too long as I was worried about the roads. As it turned out there was an accident on the M3 which closed it and delayed us for an hour or so. I will be pleased to get back to work for a rest !!

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Ginger Claire said...

Love that picture of the ship.
Glad you're home safe xx