Sunday, November 18, 2007

Emilys Art Challenge.

Be Happy with where you are,that is my moment of self realisation.After a strange and sometimes trying year I am at this precise moment happy with where I am. Perhaps its my age, but there seem to have been a lot of people struggling this year health wise, lots of friends and family have had unforeseen operations, there have been job losses, relationship breakdowns and that's all within my circle of friends. On the positive side we have had good out comes to those operations and I hope that my friends get over their setbacks and find the positives that a new start can bring.
Off to take a look at the other cards for this week.


Marjolein said...

Great! I like this!! I used the "brick over the head" idea... and it will get better, I'm sure!

Je@net said...

Great card! Love the idea!!

Paula said...

Great uplifting positive feel to this card. Love it. I'll check back soon for this weeks.