Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have started and nearly finished!!

Today Tom and I went to Watford and started on the Christmas shopping. We went to a huge TESCO'S in Watford !! I think I have just about every out of family cracked, need to sort out the kids and close family then I am done.
I took advantage of the the wine deal, I bought 6 bottles that were 50% off, and as I bought 6 they gave me another 25% off, so that was a real bargain. I decided to use the double points voucher on this shop as well, so this quarter is going well. I must do an online order to get a few more free points!!

I bought quite a few things that had a printed guarantee, I was amazed to find that there was a years guarantee for a set of earphones that cost 97p!!! I think I will keep that one !!
We had a lovely lunch at ASK! and felt too stuffed to walk around afterwards.
On a bum note the engine maintenance light came on on the Zafira, so we stopped and switched it off. When we restarted it, it worked. The book said that it would go into 'limp home' mode, but after the restart it was fine. It did it again on the way home, so we have it booked into the garage for next Tuesday, Apparently its safe to use , I'll just have to use it as little as possible until its fixed.
Tonight we had Carl's parents consultation, he is doing very well, but has a bit to catch up with after the time he missed on holiday. He has a problem with giggling, which I blame on my mother!! So all on schedule for a great year of study!

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suebaru said...

Now why am I not surprised that you went to Tesco's?!