Friday, November 02, 2007

Poorly Baby....

It always happens, we come home from holiday and someone is ill, just before the holiday Carl and I both had throat infections, Laura came down with a cold on the last day, but yesterday Beth went one better and got herself an earache and sore throat. This morning we went to the Doctors and she is now on Penicillin and an ear spray. Not allowed to swim for a week. She has started the course and three doses in she feels better. Its such a shame when they are poorly.

I have to sort out my photos so that I can upload them and order them, some of them need photo shopping to get rid of red eye. I will try and sort that tonight. The three below were taken on the first day after we arrived, in the magic kingdom. It was soooooooo hot 95 degrees which was unusually hot for this time of year, The second week cooled off and got a whole lot wetter, so shouldn't complain!!

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