Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Its nearly Christmas.....

and I have precisely ONE present stashed away. I mean what am I to do?? I really think its the holiday being so late that has done it. I am usually mega organised, but this is a horrible feeling not having done anything much.

I am hoping to crack it tomorrow with a shopping trip to either Watford or Stevenage with DH, can't make up my mind which would be best. I will make my list tonight and that way I will remember everyone. I like to take a flexible approach, don't usually have a firm idea in mind, I like to see what is available and go from there. Beth has a birthday before then and I haven't
even got her present yet!
This month I was asked to be a last minute stand in as a guest on ATDML, and these are three out of 4 of the layouts I submitted (they are up on their site as well!) I am pleased with them.


suebaru said...

I recognise those cakes!!
And what are you holding in that holiday photo??

lyzzydee said...

Its a frozen banana, they are big in the states!!!