Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Beth.

Today is Beth's 11th Birthday!! Can it really be eleven years since this little girl caused me so much trouble having her?? Has she stopped causing me trouble since?? NO.
She was born after a hard 12 hours of labour at 5.50am on the 24th of November.
Today she is excited, she has received £55 in hard cash plus some presents, she isn't having her party until December.
Today she is starring as an Elf, Santa's little helper at the school fair. I am serving on a stall. Should be fun!!


sam said...

Happy Birthday Beth Love The Jacksons xxxx

Debbielou said...

Liz- Sorry about Malc's shoe!! Hope you've had a good day xx

suebaru said...

Happy Birthday Beth!
What, no mention of your fabulous night out last night?!

Ginger Claire said...

Happy Birthday Beth, from one of your Mum's younger friends!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beth - isn't she so pretty x