Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oliver - The Stage Show!

Since September this year Carl has been involved in the school production of Oliver. It has been a long hard slog for him and for us. It has involved us travelling to St.Albans to collect him during the rush hour virtually every night, which has been hard work. Carl has put in long hours in his role of Assistant Producer, but it really paid off. He decided that if they were all going to put in the effort that it should be a sell out, so he really promoted it and sold out every show!!
I have been to many school productions over the years and this was by far the most professional and entertaining, in fact it was absolutely brilliant!!
The acting was outstanding, Oliver had the voice of an angel.
Last night was the last show, Tom and Beth went, Beth for the second time, After the show they had a party and Carl was presented with one of the props, (the picture above) signed on the back by lots of the cast and teachers involved, he also received gifts from the cast.
His teachers said that he has done an outstanding job of the production, remaining calm throughout and pulling off the best show ever!
Well done Carl we are all very proud of you!!!

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