Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bowling along.........

This month is rushing by, I logged onto Tesco last night to get a slot for a Christmas delivery but they had all gone, the latest I could get was 6pm on the 20th of December. Its so disappointing, I'll have to go and do it myself now.
I hate all those people who were more organised and got there before me.

This week at work has been so busy that I haven't had time to stop, apart from Wednesday when I had an upset tummy and had to take my first day off work sick in 2 years.

I have also been thinking this week if I am doing the right job. I have been under pressure and pulled all ways, my brain seems to be closing down so now I can't remember things from one moment to the next. That is proving to be very difficult when trying to remember what problems I have been told about and what action I have taken or need to take. Perhaps I have old timers disease. I think that its likely to be mental overload, so i need a break.

Next week I have three days in Cambridge for a course so I am hoping that time away will help me to chill. I will take my laptop and my jewellery stuff and chill out.

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