Thursday, December 21, 2006

Its so exciting!!!!

Christmas is coming and I have bought some goose fat!!!
Its all the rage this year after Nigella recommended it as the best fat to cook your roast tatoes in. The only problem is she started a goose fat stampede and its very hard to get hold of. Anyway I have managed it, just got to hope that the rest of the dinner ingredients are as easy. Last year couldn't get any cranberry sauce, but as Nigella is advocating home made, perhaps there will be loads of the pre made stuff left on the shelves!!

Today we have the exciting task of waiting in for the Sky engineer, a job we have done a lot of late. The box is playing up (a surprise I know) He has just phoned to say he will be arriving between 2.30 and 5pm. Which is a bit of a nuisance as Tom has to take Beth to rehearsal at 4pm. Will have to leave Carl in charge again.

Did a mini shopping spree last night bought the turkey, and the fixings for the baking. Carl is going to be in charge of making the apple pies and the cakes today while I am at work. I have printed out the recipes for him. He likes cooking and is usually very successful. He is going to try a fruit cake for the first time today.

Tonight I am going on my last Christmas 'Do' of the season, Terranova with the feds and the SMT at work. I think I am looking forward to it, I'll tell you for certain later !!

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domestic goddess said...

hehehe lyzzy, i am a nigella fan too, but am not doing christmas lunch so no need for me to hunt teh fat down!
have a fab christmas
anna x