Friday, December 29, 2006

The Lovelocks were Here!!!

Last night we were visited by the flying Lovelocks, Madeline,John and Gracie.
We had a nice dinner and then followed it with a game of hullaballoo.
It was a riot, that game makes us all laugh, its quick and funny.
For once we did not have too much to drink, we were quite restrained really. I did however notice that Carl and Grace seemed to be knocking it back and we topped up our recycling glass box !!

This morning the weather has changed and we should have been going to the outside skating rink in Welwyn Garden City, unfortunately it started to rain and the skating looked to be out of the window. It has rained so hard that we have a pond on the trampoline. In the end we decided to swap the skating tickets to Monday afternoon, the long range weather forecast says that Monday should be light showers and mainly dry. So fingers crossed.

Beth is not too impressed with the change of plans, but she is going to London this afternoon with Heather and Emma to see Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, so she will get over it.

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