Friday, December 15, 2006

Still Travelling

This week I have continued with my travelling, not so far this time, Cambridge, just up the road really. I had a place on an Employment Law Update course. About a week before I was due to go, Megan from Suffolk police talked me into staying over. She booked a couple of nights for us in Fourwentways Travel Lodge.

I have never stayed in a Travel lodge and I have to say I was impressed, clean tidy, comfortable, plenty of hot water and a TV. All for £48 a night. As a bonus we found that Sarah from Beds was also there, so we had a great time !!

The course was good, traditional UNISON style, virtually teach yourself. We were split into groups given the legislation and books and told to work through it!! The venue was brilliant (Cambridge professional Development Centre) Food was provided and it was very good, although I felt awash with tea by the second tea break !! We were the only three day course being held so we were treated to Christmas dinner three days on the trot!!

In the evening Megan and I ate at the Little Chef, on the second evening we ended up in there chatting for three hours, its amazing how much we had in common ;0)

On the third day the tutor failed to turn up, so as we already had the note and the work books we run our own course. Half way through the morning a replacement arrived, a brilliant Liverpudlian who was a passionate Unionist. He could tell great tales and was quite inspiring !!

I passed the course and headed for home on Wednesday night.

Thursday I was back at work, straight back into all the usual stuff, as if I had never been away.
I walked into a major conflict which took half the day to resolve. On the plus side was able to agree a change of pay and conditions for some staff.

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