Thursday, December 28, 2006

One long slog........

The trouble with Christmas is that we spend ages and I mean ages building up to it and then Poof, its gone. What are we left with ?? Well in this house its a bowl of nuts minus the crackers which gave up the ghost last night. Three million boxes of sweets, a turkey carcass that you can't bring yourself to throw out, but you can't be bothered to pick the remaining meat off of either.
How come you always end up with some god awful stinky Stilton cheese? I don't remember buying it and no one in the house actually likes it. Its one of those festive mysteries.

This morning I have cleaned the whole of the downstairs, hoovered, dusted AND cleaned out the fridge. I have taken the final step with the Turkey and it is now safely in the dustbin, which incidentally has been emptied, which is amazing as they miss our road more often than they collect, perhaps they were after a tip.

I have taken my sanity in my hands and phoned 02, I have an online account, which I regularly forget the password for and to be honest I don't check unless the final bill is higher than expected, well, today it was, so I had to phone them, Its almost as hard to get through to them as it is to Sky TV. Eventually I was answered and it seems that 'they' had decided to add a bolt on package to my account, which costs me £15 extra a month. I have no idea why and nor do they, one of the mysteries of 02. So now they are taking it off and refunding my account. I failed to tell them that due to another of their cock ups there were 4 months this year where they failed to charge me anything, so I feel morally ahead of the game anyway !!

Now waiting for Tom to arrive home so that we can hit the sales, we need a new mattress and Beth needs a new duvet, oh what an exciting time !!

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