Saturday, December 30, 2006

Feeling Tired!!

Well last night we had our friends Rod and Tina over, along with the twins Emma and Stuart and Emmas Boyfriend, Dave. We had a very nice evening, playing charades and doing a karaoke stint on the playstation.
We seemed to get through gallons of drink, so much so that we have over flowed the bottle recycling well and truly!!
I have no idea where the time went and it was 1am when we decided to cook some sausage rolls!! Our guests left around 2am and today we are totally wiped out!!

This morning Tom and I took dad over to Stevenage to look for some furniture. Since dad has been home from hospital, he has found his chair uncomfortable, its hard and has hard wooden armrests. So this morning we went to DFS to look at suites, mum was supposed to be with us but she was unwell, she now has the cold and sore throat that the rest of us have had over the past week. Anyway we tried out all the reclining chairs in DFS and found a really nice suite, dad will take mum back tomorrow to take a look . On the way back we bought a new mattress from Dunelm Mill. It was a good price and it was comfortable so we got it. The only problem was that we were expecting to be able to get it in the van, sadly it didn't fit, so with help from the guys at the store we strapped it to the roof and drove home slowly. If I stayed at around 30 mph it was ok, if I went above that, it started to shift. We ended up stopping a few times and dad held onto the strap through the sun roof, we got home in one piece.

I have now made it up and we have put the old one in the van, its so knackered it fit in with no problems!!

We are having a really heavy rain storm at the moment the back garden is like a swamp. I have made new ties to keep the cover on the trampoline, at last I have done something creative!!

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