Monday, December 18, 2006

The Play...

Yesterday at 4pm we were all seated for the Nativity Play. lots of assorted children and a packed audience. We managed to get dad a padded seat and he watched from right by a pillar.
I had a quick count up and there were 15 shepherds, 6 wise men/Kings. 4 sheep, 7 inn keepers and 23 angels plus the usual Mary and Joseph.

Beth did very well in spite of being Joey's 'minder' He was just the same as he was at the rehearsal. He really sang loud and clear but the rest of the time he chucked his sheep around, hung onto Beth and was jumping all over the place!!

Kathryn was given some gifts for her efforts, and she in return gave all the children a Santa sack filled with sweets and games!

Today we are experiencing some problems with our Sky connection, to be honest it has been a total nuisance and we are not able to sort it out, I think we may end up getting someone out to sort it. Its driving me nuts, why can't it be straight forward?? On the plus side the phone was answered in a millisecond tonight, so it must be Christmas.

We have decided to do our Christmas food shopping on Friday morning, I think Tom and I should be able to rattle that out in a couple of hours, we are going to spend our £30 of Morrison's tokens, so that will make a dent in the food bill.

I finally got a little extra present for Tom this morning, he has always been mad on space and has always wanted a telescope. So soon he will have one, I have bought him a super dooper one which will allow him to look at the planets, providing he has half an idea where to start looking for them!!

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