Saturday, December 02, 2006

Here we are in December

Where has this year gone ?? we are in December already and rushing headlong towards Christmas.
Last week Tom and I went and managed to do just about all our Christmas shopping in Watford and managed to sneak lunch out as well.
Last night we went to Ikea and bough Laura and Scots Christmas pressents. I really only have Tom to sort out now.
At the end of November I went to Manchester on a Police Conference. Dreadful weather but a very nice hotel and good company. The conference wasn't bad either, quite an eye opener for the likes of me being a new person.
Next week I have another three day course this time in Cambridge, I have decided to stay over again, as it will involve a long rush hour journey and will be cheaper in the long and far less stressful.

For the first time I am going away to a scrapbooking retreat, its not until next year but I am looking forward to it already. I really must get my deposit sent off today!!
(mad Ginger will be after me!!)

This weekend is going to be busy and I have got up with belly ache from the dreaded monthly curse. Feeling miserable. I will have to go shopping and then after visiting mum and dad the day is my own.


Shirley said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Jen said...

Aw! Feeling better now? You are a busy bee, aren't you? I am busy at work at the moment, and then no light or time for scrapping at 7pm (plus) when I get home. Drat! When do you want another Gingerbread latte???

lyzzydee said...

I hope we can meet before Christmas, have no idea if we will find that 5 minute slot though !!