Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Tree is Up !!!

We finally put the tree up and decorated it, Hunny has been very good and has ignored it by and large. I have been meaning to take a photo but have not got around to it before now.
We are now fast heading towards the last day of term, tomorrow is the Christingle service at school and I love that, its so Christmassy all will be well as long as they don't sing Starry Night, that carol gets me every time !!
We have been having trouble with our beeping Sky Plus again. That machine has caused us nothing but problems since it was installed. We have been onto them three times, the first miracle is that they answered the phone in less than half a minute, second they agreed that they had made a mistake and refunded us the cost of the last box office that we had bought. (we were not able to record it due to a box fault) Thirdly they have agreed that the initial installation was defective, which is what we have been telling them for months they have said that the box has not called back since the installation, whatever that means!! Anyway the upshot is they are coming out to check the install free of charge on Thursday. Who knows it might even work properly before Christmas.


Craftybanshee said...

Lovely tree.

Good luck with your Sky Plus!

Shirley said...

Purty tree there Liz xxx