Thursday, January 03, 2008

365 - Day 2.

The prompt is- 'Going to make a change' Well I hope that going back to slimming World is the change that I am making and I hope that this time it will be permanent!!
As part of that change I am going to keep a pictorial record of how I am doing so hopefully over the year we will see a difference!


Amy said...

I really think we all will see a difference in each day of the year.

Debbie said...

Hello :-) I'm a fellow SBS9 blogger and thought I'd pop over and say hello ... I wish you luck on slimming world and have also just banned the chocs and am trying to be oh so good ... looking forward to getting to know you and hearing how your getting on and seeing some of your creations
Debbie :-)

KJayT said...

Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I too am aiming to loose weight this year and am hoping that this challenge will provide the pictures to show just how much I change over the year. I'm not yet brave enough to post a self-portrait though, I'm hoping for courage from somewhere as the challenge progresses!