Monday, January 07, 2008

Snowed Under

That's the trouble with being off of work for a week or two when you get back you are snowed under with work, 275 emails plus 19 messages on the answerphone in the office and 6 on my works mobile. I felt like turning around and walking straight back out. I couldn't as I had a parade of people booked in for appointments in the office.
I finally got home at 6.15 pm just in time to take Beth to her Drama class and to hit Tesco's.
I hope tomorrow will be better.
Today my package from 7dayshop finally arrived, I received a digital photo frame from Tom for Christmas, only problem, there was no memory with it, so I ordered a bargain priced storage card but because of the Christmas holidays it has take a while to arrive. I am off to have a play!!


Kim Marie said...
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Kim Marie said...

Hi Lyzzy!
One of your blogging sisters here to say hi! I look forward to reading your blog and your journey this year :)
Be blessed!
Kim Marie

Tonya Williams said...

Hey lizzy I joined the sisterhood also. I am sorry you got snowed in. Here it was 60 degrees today!. Now we are watching horrible tornados going through!

Amber Porter said...

Hello to a fellow sister! I'm Amber. Can't wait to get to know you better. HOpe work goes better for you today!!!

Katie said...

Hey fellow sister, know what you mean about having time off work! I always wonder if its worth it! I'm also back to slimming world too but next week for me

gina said...

hi, thanks for popping by, look forward to coming and seeing what you are up to, will be here a while catching up on your life so far
Gina x