Friday, January 04, 2008

Its all gone.

Well there is was, Christmas 2007, all gone and packed away in the loft, tree has been recycled down the dump,the car is now full of pine needles and the living room seems huge once again. I can once again see the TV from 'my' seat on the sofa, all indications that its finished for another year.
This afternoon I have finally cleared the kitchen and conservatory and have washed the floor, its a bonus having ceramic tiles they don't actually look dirty but once you wash them they look fantastic!!
I have nearly cleared my craft table and tonight I intend to do a bit of stamping and I may well make a start on my holiday scrap booking.I have at least a million shots to scrap!
Beth is spending the afternoon at Laura's, Carl got up late and now has an essay to do, Tom is snoozing pre work on the sofa, can't believe that I will be back at work on Monday as if it never even happened!!


Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Hi Lyzzydee I am Suzanne with an 'e', a fellow member of group 9. I hope to be inspired by your crafting and your weight loss as I seriously need to be on a diet. Sue :o)

LuLu said...

Hi there! Love reading your blog and great photo's. I am also a member of SBS9 and look forward to chatting/blogging with you. Louise