Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great Excitement!!

Today we are expecting a visit from our friends Debbie and Malcolm, along with their children Sam and Georgie. Beth has been hyper all day and I have made the most of it by making her work so that everything is ready!!
Carl and I popped into Matalan to buy him a bargain suit in their sale. It was a bargain, £15 for the jacket and £10 for the trousers, of course I didn't really save any money as he needed new shoes and a pair of jogging bottoms, the whole lot came to £49 which isn't bad for a whole suit and shoes.
I am hoping that Deb is bringing along her holiday snaps, I am going to inflict mine on her!!


Sue said...

Have fun today :D
Clothes sound like a great bargain to me!!!

punknscrap said...

Have a great time catching up with your friends.
Nothing wrong with inflicting photos on good friends, it proves they luv ya!

Alexandra said...

Sounds like a very busy but fun day! Enjoy your visit! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Debbielou said...

Liz - We had a great time Thank you !!! Your photos and scrap book were brilliant, the food delicious and your company fun as always!
The kids loved the trampoline and we were all particularly impressed with your double back flip showing your pink pants to all and sundry - must have been something to do with the 2 bottles of wine you drank !! I just wish I had taken a photo !! x