Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well What a week.

To start with I have no idea where the time has gone, very busy at work with lots going on and loads to do. Then I had Friday off and Tom and I went out for lunch with our friends Rick and Dina to Aroma in Stevenage. That was a very bad day diet wise, in terms of Red or Green day, Friday was definitely a very dark purple or even a black day!!! I am back on the wagon this morning, now preparing slimming World Chips for lunch.
Last night I went to the Great Ashby crop with Mum, Karen, Laura and Sue. I was fully prepared with paper and photos and embellishments, but I forgot to pack any inspiration, so I sat there all evening nosing at what everyone else was doing, drank tea,talked and bought some goodies from the shop. I bought everything back with nothing having been done. I am not sure that crops are any good for me as that seems to be the usual pattern.
This morning has been a rush, got up and did the shopping. While at the shops I got chatting to one of the builders, who told me about the plans to finish the shops, looks like we will have at least another three months of mud and concrete dust with the occasional gas cylinder fire and subsequent neighbourhood evacuation!!! These builders do seem to come from the Barney Bodger company of craftsmen!!
Then is was around to Mum and dads to do some furniture shifting and bed making. I also downloaded some more photos for mum onto her PC.
In the meanwhile Tom was ranting at the kids to get their rooms sorted out as they were both pig styes. Beth was keen to get hers tidy as her friends Sam and Georgie are coming over for lunch tomorrow and she wants to be able to play upstairs. She also wanted me to take her to Matalan to buy a 'new outfit' for the visit tomorrow!!! How exciting.


Sue said...

Tooo Busy for me!!!
Love the new blog outfit :D
Must sort mine out !
Hope you are resting now

Debbielou said...

Liz - The kids are really excited - will be great to see you all tomorrow - still can't work out what time you said on your "drunken" text message!! Malc is preparing his birthday suit for you and eyeing up some more cat poo to tread in - hope you've got your sharp pointed stick ready (again)!!! xxxx

PS - Love your new title - clever girlx

Erica from California said...

If I might ask...

Has Laura/Loz's computer exploded or something? She hasn't been on messenger for a long while, without warning or anything, so I'm concerned...