Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hit the Road Carl!!!

Today we went with Carl to collect his new and first car.A very exciting milestone in his life. He has been keen to get his own set of Wheels for a while now. So after a lot of looking and wondering about what to get, (I wanted him to have a military tank, that way he would come off better in any accidents) We finally settled on a little 800cc Daewoo Matiz, in Kermit green. When I say we, the main part of our input was around getting a small car to keep the insurance costs to a minimum. He is the highest risk driver according to the insurance companies being both 17 and male. The other bonus with a small car is that it won't do 100 mph.
Carl has funded the whole purchase with money he has saved from his life guarding at the school pool over the last three summers. He has now got a job at the local University pool which will pay the ongoing costs.

Its hard to believe that my baby is now in the driving seat!!
I hope Kermit gets him safely through the next couple of years.


Debbielou said...

Excellent ! Well done Carl - but where are the daisies and flower motiffs ??? xx

Debbie said...

Love the car and the name Kermit very suitable ... am sure Carl worked so hard for it .. thank you for the comments on my blog :-) I too have only just started stamping and am trying to get to grips with it ... am like a kid in a sweet shop there so many gorgeous stamps out there ... I made the mistake of buying ones that caught me eye but I didnt really like that much so now I tend to look around and have an idea of what others are using like the Magnolias and Sugarnellies they are just so fab to stamp and the image always comes out crisp ... do I sound like a fan club!!!
Thanks again for your comments

Kim Marie said...

Kermit is my favorite!!! Nice car! I agree with debbie lou...just one daisy would be nice :)
Kim Marie

suzann said...

That car is so adorable and that color is so Happy!

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Clair & Sharni said...

Kermit - how cool! xxx