Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I have gone back...

Tonight I have started back at Slimming world, so I am eating my last supper and passing any remaining chocolates on to my precious children. The plus side of returning is that I met up with some people that I hadn't seen for ages and we were welcomed with open arms. I have not put on all the weight I lost last year, so I am still ahead of the game. I won the raffle and now have a melon to start off my eating plan. I am going to see if I can tie in my weight loss (hopefully ) with Anna's 365 challenge. I am not expecting to be able to actually stick to a photo a day but I am aiming at one a week, which will keep me happy!!
This afternoon I went out for a hot chocolate with Sue D and her girls, we then went over to Stevenage as Beth wanted some Sylvanians and I wanted to go to Dunelm Mills. Sue Copied me and bought a new Duvet. I was a good girl and had her back home for 5.30pm so she could have her girls in bed by 6!!!!!

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suebaru said...

WE had a lovely time , thank you! Goiod luck with the SW thing, we can compare notes!