Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another busy day

I seem to go from one thing to another at work and sometimes it all rushes by in a blur. I have had one of those days, not got a lot to show for it but I have not stopped.
Beth and the school Netball team have continued their unbeaten run, 6-1 today. They can't seem to do wrong, not lost a match since starting back last September and that includes the netball tournament. Sadly I got 'detained' at work and didn't get to see it.
The weather has been awful and its forcast to get even worse over the next few days, because its dull I can't take any pictures of my scrapping or cards, so its all adding up to a miserable end of January, not to worry, its nearly February and my birthday!!!


Alexandra said...

It is cold, nasty, and storming here too so I feel your pain! And, we share a birthday month! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Debbielou said...

Hey - it's February ! Lots to look forward to - Birthdys, Valentines day ,Pancake day , (Lent!).
It will soon be Christmas !! x

Manna said...

Hope your February will bring more fun, happy and warm days!

Kim Marie said...

You are so busy! Looking forward to your birthday and February is a good thing!

Enjoy your quiet moments when you get a few!
Kim Marie

NattyK said...

The weather has been horrible here too, lets hope Feb is much better. x