Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Last night we went around to our friends Madeline and John, this years gathering was a fancy dress party, organised by Carl and Grace. We had great fun getting dressed up and putting on the make up!!
John was great dressed as a clown complete with over sized shoes and curly hair. Madeline was Mother Superior in a very fetching nuns outfit. Grace was Superwoman. Beth was a tag team wrestler, Carl was a 'dead' Scout, I was a murder scene complete with knife sticking out of my chest. Tom was splendid as a Geisha girl, with an Elvis wig which we put on back to front, to make it more authentic !!!
I discovered a new drink, Amaretto, very nice, sweet and moreish.
Happy New year 2008!!!!


Boo said...

LOL at you with your dirty face and love bites!

Mo said...

hello daughter

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! You DO have love bites, and all, you hussy!

Jaffers said...

Heehee, ya nutter!!

Happy New Year!! :D

domestic goddess said...

heheheheh so loving those phtoots Lyzzy!!

Debbielou said...

And you call us mad ???!!!!!! xxx