Thursday, October 09, 2008

Busy Day.

It has been a glorious Autumn day, crisp morning followed by sun and bright blue skies. I was lucky that it was still beautiful when I got home from work, because work has been a real chore today.
We had known for some while that we had to move office, but it seemed to be some way off until yesterday when we realised it was upon us. We had prepared by chucking out loads of old rubbish, but we still managed to fill around 35 crates. We also had all the usual office equipment to move as well. Just to make things interesting I started with a really heavy cold yesterday and this morning felt like a sneezing snot machine.
The removal guys turned up at 9am and three of them loaded all of our 'office' into the back of their lorry. The old office was well past its best and we were the last occupants in the whole building. It felt quite sad to be going.
Once we got to the new place we decided that we would butter the removals men up with a few bacon butties, it worked, they were very helpful and set all the furniture up in the right place. We slogged through stopping only for hot tea and biscuits. By 5pm we had emptied every single box and had set up 3 computers, two printers and a fax machine. We are all exhausted. Tomorrow we continue to work as if nothing has happened!!
On the plus side the new office is quite nice and we have already made it our own, pictures back up on the wall, drinks chilling in the fridge (I mean Coke!!) and everything in its place. The real bonus is that we now have a kitchen and nice toilets!!
I took these two photos when I got home, its amazing what you can find on your doorstep!!


Barbara Martin said...

Tomorrow your muscles may be complaining.

Awesome photos in such bright sunshine.

Manna said...

Lyzzy, your photographic talent is so awesome! TFS!