Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nearly Going Home Time

Where has this week gone?? I am sure that its less than a week since we left for Belgium. We have had mixed luck but all credit to our friends they have not let the burglary get to them and have carried on without too many worries. We have made the most of the dry weather and been out and about. We have walked some of the way around the lake and tom and Rick rode around this morning, Tom measured it at 4 miles. The kids went to the rafting again this morning and had a whale of a time, they really love doing the rafting and its well worth the extra euros to have the whole pool complex to just 6 of them.
So far they have been swimming every day at least once and often twice. They are in for the second time now!!
Yesterday we decided to go out for our evening meal. We decided to travel into Germany for a 'Gyros' This is a type of kebab made out of cooked while you wait pork, along with sauerkraut, cheese, tomatoes and the secret ingredient garlic tzatsiki (sp). These had come highly recommended by our friends and they had been lusting after them all week. We set off for Germany, the mecca of Gyros and an hour and a half later arrived at a grill place opposite a Army base somewhere near Dusseldorf. We had our Gyros and enjoyed them although our friends were not thrilled with the quality. I am all garlic'd out and it must be a pleasure to be near me today!!! This has to be one of the longest journeys to eat dinner out, a round trip of 4 hours!!!!
This past year we have been jet setters, and can now count France, Belgium, Holland, USA and Germany on our list of countries visited!!

The kids wanted to hire the bikes, we refer to them as Chuckle bikes after the Chuckle brothers. They had them for an hourand wentallover on them. Beth had the easiest part, she sat on the front and let them do all the work!!!
So tomorrow pray for dry calm weather for our crossing back to England!!


Travis Erwin said...

It's never fun for a good time to end but I'm usually ready for home after a week or so.

Yizz said...

Sounds like a really good holiday but bummer about the burglary. Glad your friends are not letting it ruin their week.

Katie said...

All in all it sounds like you had a great holiday.