Saturday, October 04, 2008

Exciting Day!!

Today I am up bright and early, I am going on an adventure!! My friend Claire Hamer who is even more famous than me. (She is a designer and has loads of stuff published in magazines, I just partially appear on QVC!!) works for a great company called Crafters Companion. This is a British company based in the North East. Claire has the whole of Great Britain as her sales area so she asked if I would do some demonstrating for her this weekend.
So I am off to Huntingdon to a garden centre where they are having a 'craft event' to show off her wares. Claire came over on Thursday to show me the ropes and I have all my samples ready to be inspected by the crowds. I have a ton of paper so that people can try out the new 'rocker blocks' I am really looking forward to it, wish me luck!!


Sue said...

Good Luck will be fine!!!

Manna said...

You will do great!