Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This is Summer.

I love this photo, I took it in Holland on the beach at Wassenar. It was the one and only day that we managed to get a spell on the beach. It seems even nicer now that it is positively autumnal outside. I wish we were back there now building sandcastles and laughing at Svens cruddy jokes!!
I now feel in the mood for booking next years holidays, but we will have to decide where and when. We really need to be around for Carls A level results in July/August so that we can help him with his University placement. We will need to plan carefully!!
On with the plans for Christmas then!!


Manna said...

Ahhh ... how I love the beach!

Barbara Martin said...

Beaches, love them. The beaches close to me are mostly shored up with rocks to keep the soil from shifting, but the views of sailboats are pleasant.