Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet 18!!!!

Today Carl was 18, I can't believe that this time 18 years ago I was in hospital looking at this little tiny baby, well not that tiny really. It all seemed unreal at the time.He was a good baby and has been a good kid and now he is eighteen and starting out in life!

Beth decided this year to make him a unique present, in fact she made him two. She decorated a wooden figure for him, complete with a picture of Carl's face. Her 'best' present was a white T shirt that she thoughtfully decorated with a photo of herself for him!!!!!

At Lunch time we went out for lunch with mum, dad, Laura and Scott. We had a lovely three course meal at The Stanborough in town. We took a little cake with us but we were forbidden to sing the 'tune' , we had to wait until we got home.

So here is the mini cake along with his first legal alcoholic drink, a pint of Magners cider!! He was very lucky with his presents, he was given around £300 plus gifts of jewelry, Pens and of course his prized T Shirt!! Tonight he is off to a night club with his mates. I hope he doesn't return home needing a bucket.


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Carl enjoy your day and night!! Doesn't time fly mum before you know he will be 26 like my son! Sue :o)

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Carl ..PMSL at the T shirt

Manna said...

Hope your day was a happy one, Carl! Love the gift from beth (the one with herself) :)

Maureen said...

Sounds like a great day for his 18th! And I know...where does the time Stephanie will be 23 on the 25th of this month and it FREAKS me out! LOL

jakey said...

Happy 18th birthday to your at the first 'legal' drink! I agree time flies ridiculously minute they're a babe in your arms, the next they're taller than you, and becoming young adults. Shame on that place that wouldn't let you sing happy birthday! Spoilsports!

Debbielou said...

Happy Birthday Carl - Love the T shirt - well done Beth x

Katie said...

LOL! I am sure he will be fine. Having said that one of my sons needed a bucket, yuk!
Hope he had a fab birthday