Sunday, October 05, 2008

Feedback on my day.

Well I arrived at the venue in Huntingdon after Stella took me on one of her more exotic routes, she decided that I should take in the glories of the English country side with all of the slow moving farm vehicles which inhabit the roads in that part of the world.
On arrival I was shown to my area along side Do Crafts and Create and Craft. I set up my table and was given a cup of tea.
Then it started............
Hundreds of people all crammed into a small space all interested in what we were doing and wanting a go.I was well prepared, I had all my samples on the table (which continually fell over as the space was tight and people kept bumping into it!!) I demonstrated the things you could make using one of our CD's, I showed them the Rocker blocks, the envelope maker and the box maker. I must have said hello at least a million times and my jaw ached from smiling and answering the same questions over and over again.
I now know that there are several types of crafter and you have to change your line depending on the type. There are some crafters who line the more for less approach, some like production line simple but effective cards, some like to send their friends cards that are all totally different (I mean why?? unless all their friends live in one house and get together to compare them!!!) Some want to make exclusive cards to show off their talents. Throughout the day I had to either love or hate peel offs depending on who I was talking to.
All in all it was exhausting for a job carried out almost exclusively sitting down. I think it was not knowing what you would be asked which was the problem, having to wing it when you didn't actually know the answer. (I have had years of practice at that but not in this particular area, still I feel it is a transferable skill which once I settled down I was able to put to good use!!)
Around half way through the afternoon I had a surprise visit from one of my Friends Mel who popped in with her daughters. She was a very welcome friendly face!!
So would I do it again?? Yes I would, I now know what I would do different to make the experience better for me and the guests. That said the lady organising it said that sales have been high for the day and that's what counts in the end!!


Manna said...

So happy for your successful day!

Sue said...

Brill Lyzzy :) so glad it went so well. Enjoy a peaceful day xx

gina said...

Well done lyzzy, it sounds like you had a very tireing but productive day,
Gina xxx

Wendy said...

Congrats on your successful adventure!!

Have a great day!

Maureen said...

glad it sounds like a successful day for you!! Thank goodness you could sit - can you imagine standing that whole time! YIKES!

LuLu said...

Sounds absolutely fabby day. It must of been hard though answering teh same thing over and over again - with a smile ! Reminds me of school but at least the children ask the same question but in different variations!

Katie said...

Fame at last!
Well done Lyzzy, glad you enjoyed it in the end.
Laughed out load about the peel offs. It's true though. Peel offs are a bit like Marmite. You either love it or hate it, there is no in between!!