Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Holiday - Bad people

Here is Beth enjoying a huge ice cream in the burger bar. We had just had a burger meal consisting of the most enormous portion of chips I have ever seen and they only described them as 'large'
Anyway the reason for the bad people title is that our friends who we are travelling with have had their villa broken into and have lost all their electrical bits and pieces, laptop, camera, mobile phones, electric razor and binoculars. We are so fed up as it has caused us and them a load of problems, waiting in for police, making statements and finding something else missing only when you go to use it. The thing is if they sell the stuff they won't get much as its English and of limited use in Belgium without the chargers etc. I hope that they blow up in their thieving hands.

We have been a fair few walks around the site, and we have found loads and loads of different 'fungi' here are a couple of the more stunning ones!!

While we have been away the weather at home has been brilliant, Snow and more snow so its a shame that we are away experiencing only frosty mornings!!


suebaru said...

Oh,your funghi are gorgeous!! But we have snow...;)

gina said...

Oh I hope it doesnt spoil your holiday too much, you and your friends must be gutted
Gina xxx

Katie said...

Oh your poor friends, it makes your blood boil doesn't it. I hope it didn't spoil the holiday too much.
Fabby pics.